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Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain

Melting and casting

We supply industrial gases to ferrous and non-ferrous foundries for casting applications, including tundish inerting, caster shrouding, shell casting, investment casting and sand casting. 

Air Liquide’s oxy-fuel and air oxy-fuel combustion units are available as rotary furnaces and reverberatory furnaces for aluminum, lead, copper, brass and iron.  We help manufacturers improve production performance and save energy.

Air Liquide’s SPAL technology uses liquid cryogenics, i.e. argon or nitrogen, to reduce interactions between molten metal and atmospheric gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and water vapor during air melting operations. This SPAL technology allows steel manufacturers to producing castings with fewer defects, enhanced mechanical properties and lower rejects.





Why choose us?

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    Industry leader

    Air Liquide is a leading global supplier of industrial gases that are essential to the metals industry, such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

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    Customizable solutions

    Our teams will work with you to identify the most appropriate and cost-effective gas supply mode based on your purity, flow, volume and safety requirements.

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    Air Liquide gas solutions are reliable, reproducible and in compliance with stringent and ever-evolving regulations.

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    Global presence

    Air Liquide’s global network of metals industry experts serve millions of customers worldwide.

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    R&D support network

    We rely on our global network of application experts, engineering and research and development teams to provide the optimum solution for a given need.