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1.1. These general conditions of sale (“General Conditions”) shall be an integral part of the contracts for the sale of goods or services by Air Liquide Far Eastern Ltd. ("ALFE") to the customer (“Customer”).  If a formal written contract is subsequently entered into by the parties, the terms of the subsequent formal written contract shall prevail over these General Conditions in case of discrepancies.

1.2. No addition to, nor any variation or waiver of these General Conditions nor any terms or conditions provided by the Customer or printed on the Customer's purchase order, shall have any legal effect unless expressly agreed to in writing on behalf of ALFE by a duly authorised representative of ALFE.

1.3. When the Customer places a purchase order for Goods and/or Services which contains conditions which vary from these General Conditions, any subsequent delivery of the ordered Goods and/or Services to the Customer shall be construed as a counter-offer to supply based on these General Conditions.

1.4. All telephone orders should be confirmed by a written document. All written confirmation should specify the date of the order, the type and quantity of Goods and/or Services required.

1.5. Unless otherwise stated, a written quotation by ALFE constitutes an offer to sell the Goods and/or provide the Services described based on these General Conditions.

1.6. In these General Conditions:

“Affiliated Company” means, with respect to any person, any other person that (a) owns and controls the first person, (b) is owned and controlled by the first person, or (c) is under common ownership and control with the first person, where “own” means ownership of fifty percent (50%) or more of the equity interests or rights to distributions on account of equity of the person and “control” means the sole or joint power to direct the management or policies of the person, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract, or otherwise.
"Goods" means all goods (including gas and equipment) sold by ALFE.
"Gas" means any gas or gas mixture or chemicals sold by ALFE including liquefied, solidified, compressed or dissolved gases.
"Equipment" means any other products other than Gas sold by ALFE.
"Services" means all services supplied by ALFE to the Customer, including the delivery and/or installation of Goods.
"ALFE Equipment" means all things required for evaporating, storing, transporting and distributing Gas and includes cylinder manifolds, pipelines, cylinders and gas/liquid gas generating plants which belong to ALFE.

1.7. Unless the context requires otherwise, any references to the singular include the plural (and vice versa).

2.1. Prices are as set forth on the quotation and all prices are exclusive of tax of any kind.

2.2. Taxes, if applicable, shall be borne by the Customer.


3.1. Unless otherwise agreed by ALFE in writing, full payment of ALFE invoices must be made within 30 days from the date of ALFE invoices. No discount or allowance will be made unless specifically agreed by ALFE. All fixed payments shall be invoiced in advance, on the first (1st) day of the month.

3.2. In the event of the Customer failing to comply with ALFE's terms of payment, ALFE reserves the right to discontinue forthwith the provision of any further Goods and/or Services to the Customer and payment shall become immediately due for all outstanding goods and services supplied. 

3.3. In respect of any outstanding amounts due and payable to ALFE, Customer shall indemnify ALFE for the costs of collection including but not limited to legal fees incurred in connection with such collection.

3.4. ALFE reserves the right to charge interest on any unpaid amount at the prevailing Bank of Taiwan’s prime lending rate plus 2% per annum, calculated daily and compounded monthly from the day after the due date until the day the amount is paid.


4.1. When ALFE delivers or collects Goods and/or ALFE Equipment and ALFE or its carrier enters upon Customer’s premises, Customer shall provide full and safe access to ALFE or its carrier and shall indemnify ALFE and its carrier against the cost of all losses, damage to property and injury to persons, occurring directly or indirectly as a result of the failure by the Customer to ensure the said full and safe access.

4.2. Whenever Goods and/or ALFE Equipment are being returned to ALFE, the Customer shall ensure that they are returned in safe condition, both from the point of view of risk to persons handling them and in their vicinity and from the point of view of the risk of damage to the Goods and/or ALFE Equipment themselves.

4.3. If the Customer fails to accept delivery of Goods, ALFE shall be entitled to make arrangements for storage of Goods and to charge the Customer accordingly.  Customer shall be responsible for the risk of loss of or damage to the Goods and for payment as if the Goods had been delivered.

4.4. Delivery shall be deemed to take place the moment the Goods pass over the side of the vehicle in which they were transported to the Customer's premises or when the Gas is transferred to Customer at the inlet valve of ALFE Equipment.

4.5. Return of Goods are not allowed. However, at ALFE’s absolute discretion, ALFE may allow the return and refund of cylinders of Gas provided that no Gas has been released from the cylinders.


5.1. When the Customer requires the installation of ALFE Equipment, the Customer shall at its own expense furnish ALFE sufficient information to enable ALFE to proceed with the installation.

5.2. Customer undertakes to:

a. comply with all legal and statutory regulations and in particular, shall obtain and maintain all necessary permits in relation to the installation and operation of ALFE Equipment and for the utilities that Customer provides;

b. provide at no cost and properly maintain with safe and easy access at all time to ALFE’s employees and delivery trucks, a location for ALFE Equipment as well as all construction work, fences, safety devices, power supply, telephone line, water, etc. in accordance with the instructions given by ALFE;

c. connect its own piping to the outlet valve of ALFE Equipment and take appropriate measures to prevent any back-flow into ALFE Equipment unless otherwise agreed;

5.3. All works to be carried out by Customer as described in Clause 5.2 above shall be carried out to ALFE's reasonable satisfaction, and in the event that Customer has not complied with Clause 5.2 above, ALFE reserves the right to terminate the relevant contract and all costs and expenses incurred by ALFE up to such date shall be paid by Customer to ALFE.

5.4. ALFE undertakes to:

a. provide, transport, install and start up ALFE Equipment;
ensure the compliance of ALFE Equipment with the applicable regulations in force;

b. provide at start up, a safety briefing of ALFE Equipment to Customer at the location of ALFE Equipment.

5.5. An acceptance report for ALFE Equipment, describing ALFE Equipment and containing Customer’s confirmation that the connections made by Customer are suitable and that the utilities are ready to be supplied, shall be signed by both parties at the start up of ALFE Equipment.

5.6. Any person engaged in work on site in connection with the contract (other than an employee or subcontractor of ALFE) shall be deemed to be an employee or agent of Customer. Customer shall be liable for any injury or damage suffered by ALFE, its employees, agents or subcontractors on Customer's site, except to the extent caused by the intentional conduct or negligence of ALFE, its employees, agents or sub-contractors.


6.1. ALFE cylinders remain the sole property of ALFE and are supplied for Customer's sole use only in Taiwan unless ALFE specifically agrees in writing to allow Customer to use it elsewhere. On termination of the contract, all ALFE cylinders must be returned to ALFE.

6.2. ALFE may supply gas in non-ALFE cylinders (either provided by Customer or leased by ALFE) considered suitable by ALFE under special arrangement with Customer. Such supply is subject to cylinder examination, testing and replacement of valve at the Customer's cost when necessary in accordance with ALFE procedures and statutory requirements. ALFE shall be entitled to dispose of the non-ALFE cylinders which Customer fails to self collect or accept delivery of within six months from the date of ALFE's receipt or delivery as the case may be. Clause 4.3 above applies.

6.3. Customer is responsible for ALFE cylinder from receipt (whether at the delivery point or at ALFE's premises) until ALFE collects it. Any loss or damage must be reported promptly and Customer must bear any loss or damage to the cylinders.

6.4. Customer shall not refill or allow the refilling of ALFE cylinders or let them be used otherwise than for storage, transport or use of Gas placed in them by ALFE.

6.5. All cylinders must be returned with valves closed and in a clean and serviceable condition.

6.6. ALFE reserves the right to charge Customer for repair, or cleaning due to Customer's failure to take proper care of ALFE cylinders. Customer will be charged for a new cylinder if a ALFE cylinder is lost or damaged beyond repair.  

6.7. Where applicable, if the actual number of cylinders being held by the Customer is found to be more than that shown in the rental invoice, ALFE reserves the right to amend its records and collect back the additional cylinders.

6.8. Unless otherwise agreed, the maximum period during which a cylinder is loaned to a Customer is six months from the date of despatch, thereafter the cylinder must be returned to ALFE and ALFE reserves the right to collect such cylinder without notice. 

7.1. Any shortage, loss or damage or discrepancy must be notified promptly to ALFE and in any case, such notification in writing must be received by ALFE no later than 3 working days from delivery. Otherwise, ALFE shall not be liable. Damaged Goods and packing must be kept for inspection by ALFE or/and its carrier.

7.2. In the case of Gas deliveries, ALFE’s delivery order signed by Customer shall be conclusive as to the amount of liquid or bulk gas supplied or as to the number and type of Gas cylinders delivered and collected.

7.3. The risk in Goods shall pass to the Customer upon delivery as set out in Clause 4.4 above.


8.1. When applicable, Goods being sold shall remain the property of ALFE until the whole of the price has been paid.

8.2. In the case of Goods which after delivery, cannot be distinguished from or become intermingled with other goods of the same nature, ALFE shall have the right to nominate at its discretion which part of such goods are its property.


9.1. Both parties shall keep in confidence, until five (5) years after the termination date of the contract, the contents of the contract, including the schedules and appendices and any technical or other information furnished or disclosed under the contract (“Confidential Information”) and will not without the prior written consent of the Disclosing Party disclose to any third party any Confidential Information, unless such information:
a. was public knowledge or already known to the Receiving Party at the time of disclosure; or
b. subsequently becomes public knowledge other than by breach of any confidentiality obligation; or
c. subsequently comes lawfully into the possession of the Receiving Party from a third party.

9.2. To the extent necessary, the Receiving Party may disclose the Confidential Information to any relevant governmental or other authority or regulatory body, and to any employees or professional advisors of Receiving Party as may be reasonable or desirable, provided that the Receiving Party makes those persons aware of its obligations of confidentiality under this Clause 9 and will use its best endeavours to obtain a binding undertaking as to confidentiality from all such persons.


10.1. ALFE endeavours not to offer for sale Goods which infringe known and valid patents but shall not be liable to Customer for any and all claims arising from the infringement of any patent or registered design or from any proceedings or threatened proceedings in respect of infringement of any patent or registered design by any use or sale of the Goods.

10.2. Where ALFE provides advice to Customer in matters of technique or supplies Goods for carrying a technique into effect, the tendering of such advice or the supply of such Goods does not guarantee that such technique is free from patent restrictions. ALFE shall not be liable for any and all claims arising from infringement or alleged infringement of patent as a result of the Customer following the advice tendered by ALFE or using such Goods.


11.1. Determination of the suitability of the Gas supplied under the contract for any use by Customer is the sole responsibility of Customer and ALFE shall have no responsibility in connection with such determination and use. Customer acknowledges that there are hazards associated with the use of the Gas and that it understands such hazards and that it is the responsibility of Customer to warn and protect its employees exposed to such hazards through their use of the Gas. 

11.2. No warranty is given as to the fitness of Goods for any particular purpose and any implied warranty or condition (whether statutory or otherwise) in that connection is excluded except to the extent that such exclusion is prevented by law. The Customer must satisfy itself that the Goods are suitable for the purpose for which it intends to use them.

11.3. No liability shall arise out of the advice or representation given by ALFE, its employees or agents unless ALFE agrees in writing to provide technical advice in return for a specific fee.

11.4. Descriptions, technical specifications, drawings, illustrations or particulars of weight or dimensions given in catalogues or other literature issued by ALFE are given in good faith but shall not form part of the contract unless specifically incorporated.

11.5. Saved as aforesaid, all warranties or conditions implied by common law or statue are expressly excluded hereunder except where such warranty or condition cannot by law be so excluded.


12.1. ALFE shall be liable to Customer  for only direct physical damage to Customer’s property (which includes the cost of repairing, reinstating or replacing the property) caused by the negligence or breach of contract by ALFE, its employees or agents up to a limit of 20% of the Contract Value per incident.

“Contract Value” is defined as ALFE’s invoiced value before taxes for the particular delivery of Goods or performed Services that causes damage.

Beyond the above mentioned amounts, Customer waives any right of recourse against ALFE, its employees, agents and insurers and shall obtain an equivalent waiver by its insurers of their rights of subrogation.

12.2. Each party covenants to indemnify and to hold the other harmless from and against any and all claims, request, charges or actions of third parties, for personal injury or death of any person whomsoever that is caused by or is attributable to the acts or omissions of the indemnifying party.  If such claims, requests, charges or actions are attributable to the acts or omissions of both ALFE and Customer, they shall share liability in the proportion that their acts or omissions contributed to such claims, requests, charges or actions.

12.3. Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for ALFE’s delivery of non-conforming gas or failure to deliver Gas according to the contract shall be the replacement by ALFE of a like quantity of conforming gas at no cost to Customer or the delivery of the right amount of Gas; and the ability to claim for direct physical damage as set out in Clause 12.1.

12.4. Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy for ALFE’s delivery of Equipment that is defective or failure to deliver Equipment according to the contract shall be as provided in Clause 13 below; and the ability to claim for direct physical damage as set out in Clause 12.1 above.

12.5. Except as provided in Clauses 12.1, 12.2, 12.3 and 12.4 above, neither ALFE, nor its employees or agents shall have any other liability to Customer for any damages, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, production losses, loss of use or economic losses, claims by third party or any other liability express or implied. Accordingly, Customer waives any right of recourse against ALFE, its employees, agents and insurers and shall obtain an equivalent waiver by its insurers of their rights of subrogation.


13.1. ALFE undertakes to repair or, at its option, replace the equipment it manufactures or parts thereof which fail (fair wear and tear excepted) as a result of a defect in ALFE’s materials or  workmanship arising within 12 months of the sale of the Equipment to Customer or the execution of Services by ALFE as appropriate (or within such other period as may be specified by ALFE in the contract having regard to the nature and properties of the Equipment and/or Services concerned) provided that :

a. Customer notifies ALFE promptly in writing with details of any alleged defect or malfunction; and

b. Customer gives ALFE or its agent  the opportunity to inspect the Equipment and, if ALFE so requests, the Equipment are returned promptly (carriage paid and details of carriage notified in writing to ALFE in advance); and

c. the Equipment have been properly stored, used and maintained and have not been repaired, tampered with, modified or altered by anyone other than ALFE or its agents.

13.2. In the case of Equipment or parts not manufactured by ALFE, Customer shall be entitled (subject to compliance with (a), (b) and (c) of Clause 13.1 above) only to the benefit of any guarantee ALFE may have from the supplier or manufacturer.

13.3. If the Equipment is found to be defective, ALFE undertakes to refund the Customer’s reasonable expenses incurred in re-turning such Equipment to ALFE.

13.4. ALFE may at its option, elect to refund or forego the contract price and take back Equipment supplied in full satisfaction of any liability or obligation under Clauses 13.1 and 13.2 above.


14.1. Neither party shall be liable for any default or delay in the performance of any or all of its obligations (other than payment obligations) when such default or delay is due to any event beyond its control (“Force Majeure Event”). Subject to satisfying the above definition, a Force Majeure Event may include but is not limited to, any of the following events: act of God, casualty or accident, lack or failure of transportation facilities, breakdown or accident of machinery, pipeline or equipment, strike, lock-out, labour dispute, riot, war, terrorism, fire, flood, explosion, atmospheric disaster, acts of third parties except for sub-contractors, unless said sub-contractors are affected by a Force Majeure Event as defined herein, impossibility of obtaining electrical power, raw materials, utilities, manpower, equipment or means of transport, failure to obtain or maintain permits or authorisations. For avoidance of doubt, lack of funds or an economic downturn shall not constitute a Force Majeure Event.

14.2. In such a case, the party affected by a Force Majeure Event shall at once notify the other party in writing within seven (7) working days and take such measures as may reasonably be required to cope with the case as quickly as possible and return to normal operation. Both parties shall examine in common, if necessary the measures to be taken to limit the effect of the Force Majeure Event.

14.3. A Force Majeure Event shall relieve either party from their obligations under the contract for the duration and to the extent of the effect of the Force Majeure Event, except for the payment of any accrued liabilities and the monthly facility fee, if any.

14.4. Upon Customer’s request, if ALFE can obtain an alternative source of supply for some additional cost and ALFE elects to observe its obligations under the contract from such alternative source, Customer shall pay ALFE such additional cost.


15.1. Customer shall be responsible for obtaining necessary consents and for complying with all legal obligations in connection with any Goods supplied, ALFE Equipment provided to the Customer or work done on Customer's site.  Customer shall indemnify ALFE against all claims arising from non-compliance with any said obligations and against all costs and expenses arising from any such claims.

15.2. Customer is responsible for any risks to health or safety arising from Goods and ALFE Equipment in its possession. Customer must ensure that persons handling the Goods and ALFE Equipment receive adequate training and these persons understand all precautions.


16.1. ALFE may stop the supply of Goods and/or Services, or at its option, terminate the contract immediately upon giving written notice to Customer without prejudice to any then accrued rights of either party:

a. If Customer commits any act of bankruptcy or, being a company, has a receiver appointed or goes into liquidation (except for the purpose of reorganization or amalgamation); or

b. If Customer commits any material breach of any provision of the contract (including non-payment of sums due) or these General Conditions and fails to rectify such breach within 30 days of notification.

16.2. If ALFE ceases to supply Goods to Customer for the reasons in Clause 16.1, ALFE may on demand to Customer retake possession of ALFE Equipment (including, where relevant, any Gas in ALFE’s cylinders or other equipment).

16.3. To enable ALFE to repossess ALFE Equipment,  Customer shall allow ALFE full and free access to ALFE Equipment and shall be responsible for and indemnify ALFE against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands and costs occurring directly or indirectly as a result of ALFE not having such full and free access. ALFE shall be entitled to sever the ALFE Equipment (if necessary) from any other property, notwithstanding that it may have become a fixture thereto. Upon repossession of the ALFE equipment, the Customer shall reimburse ALFE for the outstanding monthly facility charges due from the date of termination till the end of the contracted period, if applicable, and for the cost of removal.


Neither party shall have the right to assign this contract without the other party’s prior written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, save that ALFE may assign freely part or all of its rights and obligations under this contract to any of its Affiliated Company.


18.1. If by arrangement with Customer, the Goods and/or Services are supplied to any person who is not a party to the contract, Customer shall procure that such person agrees to be bound by these General Conditions as though a party to the contract, and Customer shall indemnify ALFE against any consequences of Customer failing to do so, including any claim made by such person.

18.2. Customer shall indemnify ALFE against any liability of ALFE  to  third  parties  which  would  not  arisen  but  for the breach of contract by Customer.

18.3. In making these General Conditions, ALFE does so both for itself and for and on behalf of every employee, servant or agent of ALFE and the existence of a contract shall be conclusive evidence of the agreement of Customer that in the event of any loss or damage of any nature suffered by Customer by reason of the negligence or default of any employee, servant or agent of ALFE, any exemption of liability of ALFE under these General Conditions shall extend to every such employee, servant or agent of ALFE.

18.4. Any failure of ALFE to insist upon strict performance by the Customer of any terms or these General Conditions contained herein shall not be taken to be a waiver thereof or of any rights of ALFE in relation thereto AND IN ANY EVENT shall not be taken to be a waiver of the same terms and conditions on any subsequent occasion.

18.5. If ALFE’s cost of supply is increased, ALFE may require Customer to enter into discussions with a view to agreeing revisions to the contract that will remove the disadvantage suffered by ALFE due to such increased costs.

18.6. Notices to ALFE shall be faxed or transmitted by registered mail to ALFE’s address stated on the contract or the quotation.  No notice to ALFE shall be taken to have been given until it is actually received by ALFE.

18.7. Any dispute arising out of or relating to these General Conditions and the contract, including the validity and interpretation of these General Conditions and the contract and any non-contractual disputes and claims which cannot be settled amicably by the parties shall be exclusively referred to and finally resolved by litigation and Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance.

18.8. The headings in these General Conditions are for convenience of reference only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation thereof.

18.9. These General Conditions and any contract subject to them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Taiwan.

19. Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct

It is of paramount importance to ALFE that its customers and its customers’ employees adhere to the principles stated in ALFE’s Principles of Action, available at the link: The Customer shall adhere to these principles when carrying out any activity in connection with the purchase order. The Customer also agrees to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to the execution of its contractual obligations with ALFE, in particular as concerns anti-corruption, and to also adhere to the rules of behavior provided in the Air Liquide Group’s anti-corruption code of conduct Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct. It shall ensure that it has implemented and will continue to implement policies and procedures to foster compliance with the anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and regulations applicable to it.

===== Chinese Translation Below=========

1.1. 本一般銷售條件(以下稱「本一般條件」)構成亞東工業氣體股份有限公司(以下稱「ALFE」)向客戶(以下稱「客戶」)銷售商品或服務之契約之一部份。如雙方當事人嗣後簽訂正式書面契約,其條款與本一般條件有差異者,以該嗣後簽訂書面契約之條款為準。
1.2. 非經ALFE合法授權之代表人代表ALFE以書面明文同意,客戶對本一般條件所為一切增添、更改、棄權,及客戶自行訂定或於其訂購單所載一切條款或條件,不具任何法律效力。
1.3. 客戶所下標的商品或標的服務訂購單,其條件異於本一般條件者,嗣後向客戶所為之訂購標的商品或標的服務之一切交付,按本一般條件應解釋為對供應之反要約。
1.4. 透過電話所為之一切訂購,應以書面文件確認。書面確認書應載明訂購日期、所需標的商品或標的服務之種類及數量。
1.5. 除另有註明者外,ALFE之書面報價,按本一般條件,應構成銷售報價所述標的商品或提供報價所述標的服務之要約。
1.6. 於本一般條件中:
1.7. 除文中另有規定外,單數用語亦適用於複數,反之亦然。

2. 價格
2.1. 價格應如報價單上所定,且所有價格均不含稅。
2.2. 如有應付稅賦,應由客戶負擔。

3. 付款
3.1. 除經ALFE另以書面同意外,ALFE發票所載金額應於ALFE發票日期後三十日內全額支付。非經ALFE明確同意,不得有任何折扣或折讓。所有固定支付款項應於每月一日事先開立發票。
3.2. 客戶如未遵守ALFE之付款條款,ALFE保留權利,得立即中止向客戶進一步提供任何標的商品或標的服務,且所有已供應商品及服務之未付款項應立即到期並支付。
3.3. 客戶應就任何已到期且應付予ALFE之未清款項,向ALFE補償收帳成本,包括但不限於因收帳而生之法律費用。
3.4. ALFE保留對任何未付款項收取利息之權利,利息金額自款項到期日次日起算,至清償日為止,依臺灣銀行當時之基本放款利率加計年息百分之二按日計算,每月複利一次。

4. 標的商品及ALFE設備之交付及退還
4.1. 當ALFE交付或取回標的商品或ALFE設備,且ALFE或其運送人進入客戶之處所時,客戶應向ALFE或其運送人提供充分且安全之出入方式,因客戶未能確保前述充分且安全之出入方式,而直接或間接導致ALFE及其運送人蒙受之一切損失、財產損害及人身傷害,客戶應予以補償。
4.2. 將標的商品或ALFE設備交回ALFE時,客戶應確保其係在安全狀態下交回,包括對處理人員及周遭環境可能造成之風險,以及對標的商品或ALFE設備本身造成損害之風險均應納入安全考量。
4.3. 如客戶未能接受貨物之交付,ALFE有權為標的商品為儲存之安排,並據此向客戶收取費用。客戶應負責承擔標的商品遺失或受損之風險,且標的商品應視同已交付,並據以為相關支付。
4.4. 標的商品離開將其運輸至客戶處所之車輛側邊時,或標的氣體在ALFE設備之進口閥轉移予客戶時,即視為已交付。
4.5. 標的商品不得退回。但ALFE於全權斟酌後,得允許在標的氣體尚未自鋼瓶釋出之條件下,就鋼瓶標的氣體辦理退還及退款。

5. 廠內安裝及運轉
5.1. 客戶需安裝ALFE設備者,應自行負擔費用,並向ALFE提供充分資訊,讓ALFE得以進行安裝。
5.2. 客戶茲承諾下列事項:(1)遵守一切法律及法規命令,並特別就ALFE設備之安裝運轉及客戶提供之公用事業項目,取得及維持一切必要之許可證。(2)向ALFE之受僱人及交付卡車無償提供並妥善維護安全且易於進出之出入方式,以及放置ALFE設備之地點,並依ALFE給予之指示,提供一切營建施工、圍籬、安全裝置、電力供應、電話線、用水等等。(3)將其自有管線連接至ALFE設備之出口閥,並採取適當措施防止氣體回流至ALFE設備,如有另行同意者不在此限。
5.3. 第5.2條所定應由客戶辦理之一切作業事項,應達致令ALFE合理滿意之程度,如客戶未遵守第5.2條規定,ALFE保留終止相關契約之權利,且客戶應向ALFE支付截至該日期止,ALFE所支出之一切成本及費用。
5.4. ALFE茲承諾下列事項:(1)提供、運輸、安裝及啟動ALFE設備;(2)確保ALFE設備符合相關適用法令;(3)於ALFE設備啟動時,在其安裝地點向客戶提供ALFE設備之安全簡報。
5.5. 雙方當事人應於ALFE 設備啟動時簽署一份ALFE設備驗收報告,其內容應描述說明ALFE設備,並包含客戶之確認書,確認書應載明由客戶施作之連接工程均為妥適,且相關公用事業項目可立即供應。
5.6. 除ALFE之受僱人或分包商外,於廠內從事契約相關之施工人員均視為客戶之受僱人或代理人。ALFE、其受僱人、代理人、分包商於客戶廠內所蒙受之一切傷害或損害,客戶應負損害賠償責任,但ALFE、其受僱人、代理人、分包商之蓄意行為或過失不在此限。

6. 鋼瓶
6.1. ALFE鋼瓶之所有權歸屬於ALFE,並僅供應予客戶在臺灣使用,但ALFE特以書面同意,允許客戶於他處使用者,不在此限。契約終止時,所有ALFE鋼瓶應返還予ALFE。
6.2. 在ALFE與客戶有特別安排之情況下,ALFE得使用經ALFE認定合適之非ALFE鋼瓶(由客戶提供或由ALFE租賃)供應氣體。以前揭方式供應氣體者,如有必要,應依ALFE程序及法令規定辦理鋼瓶檢驗、測試及閥門替換,其成本由客戶支付。客戶未能在ALFE收到或交付鋼瓶後六個月內自行取回或接受交付者,ALFE有權對非ALFE鋼瓶為相關處理,並適用第4.3條規定。
6.3. 客戶自收到鋼瓶起(無論係於交付點或ALFE之處所收到)至ALFE取回鋼瓶止,應為ALFE鋼瓶負相關責任。如鋼瓶有任何遺失或損壞,客戶應立即通報,並負損害賠償責任。
6.4. 客戶不得自行或允許他人重新充填ALFE鋼瓶;ALFE鋼瓶除儲存、運輸或使用由ALFE置入其中之標的氣體外,不得作其他用途。
6.5. 鋼瓶於返還時,其閥門應關閉,且鋼瓶應處於清潔及可供使用之狀態。
6.6. 如因客戶未能妥善保管ALFE鋼瓶,而需為相關修繕或清潔者,ALFE保留向客戶收取費用之權利。如ALFE鋼瓶遺失或損壞而無法修復者,客戶應支付全新鋼瓶之費用。
6.7. 如客戶實際持有鋼瓶之數目,經查高於租賃發票所示數目,ALFE保留修正其紀錄並取回多出鋼瓶之權利。
6.8. 除另行同意者外,鋼瓶租賃予客戶之最長期間,為鋼瓶派送日起算六個月,期滿後應將鋼瓶交回ALFE,且ALFE保留無需通知即得取回該等鋼瓶之權利。

7. 標的商品相關風險
7.1. 標的商品如有短缺、遺失、損壞或不一致之處,應立即以書面通知ALFE,ALFE應在交付後三個工作日內收到前揭書面通知,否則ALFE不負任何責任。損壞之標的商品及包裝應妥善保存,以供ALFE或其運送人檢查。
7.2. 交付標的氣體時,ALFE之交付單一經客戶簽署,即視為對所供應之液化或大宗氣體數量,或對所交付及取回之標的氣體鋼瓶數目及類型,表示最終確認。
7.3. 標的商品相關風險應於第4.4條所定交付時移轉至客戶。

8. 標的商品所有權之保留
8.1. 在價格付清前,所售標的商品之所有權歸屬於ALFE。
8.2. 標的商品交付後,如無法與其他同性質商品有所區別或與之混雜,ALFE有權自行判定該些商品中何者為其財產。

9. 保密條款
9.1. 雙方當事人對契約內容,包括附表、附件及依契約提供或揭露之任何技術性資訊或其他資訊(以下稱「機密資訊」),應予以保密,此等保密義務於契約終止後五年內仍繼續有效;非經揭露方事先書面同意,不得向任何第三方揭露機密資訊,但以下資訊除外:(1)於揭露時係屬眾所周知,或業已為接收方所知悉者。(2)嗣後非因違反任何保密義務,而成為眾所周知者。(3)嗣後由接收方自第三方合法取得並持有者。
9.2. 在必要範圍內,接收方得向相關政府單位或其他官方單位或主管機關,以及向接收方之受僱人或專業顧問,以合理妥善之方式揭露機密資訊,但接收方應確保該等人員瞭解第9條規定之保密義務,並應盡其最佳努力,向所有該等人員取得具約束力之保密承諾書。

10. 專利
10.1. 對於侵害已知且有效專利之標的商品,ALFE盡力不予出售;但對於因侵害任何專利或註冊設計所生之一切請求權主張,或因使用或銷售標的商品而侵害任何專利或註冊設計,所致法律程序或潛在法律程序所生之一切請求權主張,ALFE概不對客戶承擔任何責任。
10.2. ALFE雖向客戶提供技術相關建議,或向客戶供應用於使某一技術生效之標的商品,但該等建議之提供或該等標的商品之供應,不保證該等技術不受任何專利限制。客戶因採用ALFE提供之建議或使用該等標的商品,而侵害專利或涉有侵害專利者,其所生一切請求權主張,ALFE概不承擔任何責任。

11. 聲明及保證
11.1. 依契約供應之標的氣體是否適合客戶使用,其判定概由客戶自行負責,ALFE對該等判定及使用,概不承擔任何責任。客戶茲承認,標的氣體之使用具有風險,客戶瞭解該等風險,且客戶對因標的氣體之使用而暴露於該等風險中之受僱人,負有警告及保護之責任。
11.2. ALFE不對標的商品就任何特定目的之適用性為任何保證,並排除與前揭適用性相關之一切默示保證或條件,不論其是否為法定;但前揭排除為法律所禁止者,不在此限。客戶應自行確認標的商品是否適合其預定用途。
11.3. 除ALFE以書面同意提供技術性建議並收取特定費用者外,ALFE、其受僱人或代理人不對其所提供之建議或聲明承擔任何責任。
11.4. ALFE出具之目錄或其他資料所載說明、技術規格、圖式、例證、重量或尺寸細節等,均秉誠信原則提供,但除明文併入契約者外,概不構成契約之一部份。
11.5. 除前文另有規定外,普通法或成文法之一切默示保證或條件,茲此明確予以排除,但該等保證或條件依法不得排除者不在此限。

12. 責任限制
12.1. ALFE對客戶之損害賠償責任,僅限於因ALFE、其受僱人或代理人之過失或違約,而使客戶財產蒙受之直接實體損害(包括修繕、復原或替換該財產之成本),且每次事件之損害賠償上限為契約價值之百分之二十。「契約價值」之定義,為ALFE就造成該次損害之標的商品交付或履行服務,所開立發票之稅前價值。除上述金額外,客戶茲拋棄向ALFE、其受僱人、代理人及保險人追償之一切權利,客戶並應向其保險人取得其代位權利之同等棄權聲明書。
12.2. 各方當事人茲承諾,如因任一方當事人之作為或不作為,造成或引起人身傷害或死亡,致使第三人提出請求權主張、要求、費用、訴訟者,為賠償保證之一方當事人應向他方當事人補償,並使其不受損失。該等請求權主張、要求、費用、訴訟可同時歸責於ALFE及客戶之作為或不作為者,應按其作為或不作為導致該等請求權主張、要求、費用、訴訟之比例分攤損害賠償責任。
12.3. ALFE交付不符合之氣體,或未依契約交付標的氣體時,客戶之專屬救濟方式為,由ALFE無償以等量且符合之氣體予以替換,或由ALFE交付正確數量之標的氣體;客戶可依第12.1條規定,提出直接實體損害之請求權主張。
12.4. ALFE交付之標的設備有瑕疵,或未依契約交付標的設備時,客戶之專屬救濟方式如第13條所定;客戶可依第12.1條規定,提出直接實體損害之請求權主張。
12.5. 除第12.1、12.3、12.3及12.4條之規定外,ALFE、其受僱人或代理人對客戶不負其他任何損害賠償責任,無論其係屬直接、間接、特殊、附帶、從屬、生產損失、使用權喪失或經濟損失、第三方請求權主張,或其他任何明示或暗示之損害賠償責任。因此,客戶茲拋棄向ALFE、其受僱人、代理人及保險人追償之一切權利,客戶並應向其保險人取得其代位權利之同等棄權聲明書。

13. 標的設備及標的服務之銷售
13.1. 標的設備售予客戶十二個月內,或ALFE履行標的服務後十二個月內(或ALFE就標的設備或相關標的服務之性質,而於契約中明定之期間內),如因ALFE之材料或工藝有瑕疵,致使其所製造之設備或其零件故障(預期之自然損耗)者,ALFE承諾在符合下列條件下予以修繕或自行決定替換:(1)客戶應立即書面通知ALFE,說明其所稱瑕疵或故障之細節;(2)客戶應提供ALFE或其代理人檢查標的設備之機會;如ALFE提出要求,客戶應支付運費立即交回標的設備,並將運送細節事先書面通知ALFE;(3)標的設備受到妥善儲存、使用及維護,且未經非屬ALFE或其代理人之人修繕、擅改、修改或更動。
13.2. 標的設備或零件非ALFE製造者,客戶僅得享有ALFE自該供應商或製造商獲得之保證,且應符合第13.1條(a)、(b)、(c)之規定。
13.3. 標的設備經查確有瑕疵者,客戶將該等標的設備交回ALFE所生之合理費用,ALFE承諾予以退還。
13.4. 在第13.1條及第13.2條所定責任或義務獲完全履行之情況下,ALFE得自行選擇退款或放棄契約金額,並取回其所供應之標的設備。

14.  不可抗力
14.1. 除給付義務外,一方當事人因其自身無法控制之事件(以下稱「不可抗力事件」),致使其履行任何義務發生違約或延誤者,該方當事人無須負損害賠償責任。在符合前揭定義下,不可抗力事件包括但不限於下列任何事件:天災、災難或意外事故、運輸設備欠缺或故障、機械、管線或設備故障或突發狀況、罷工、關廠、勞資糾紛、暴動、戰爭、恐怖活動、火災、水災、爆炸、大氣災害、分包商以外第三方之行為(但分包商受本條定義之不可抗力事件影響者除外)、無法取得電力、原料、水電、人力、運輸設備或工具、無法取得或維持許可證或授權。為免疑義,資金缺乏或經濟衰退不構成不可抗力事件。
14.2. 如發生不可抗力事件,受影響之一方當事人應立即在七個工作日內,書面通知他方當事人,並應盡速採取處理該事件及恢復正常營運所必要之合理措施。如有必要,雙方當事人應一同檢視欲採取之措施,以將該不可抗力事件之影響降至最低。
14.3. 在不可抗力事件持續期間及其影響範圍內,各方當事人依契約應履行之義務應獲免除,但應計負債及設施月費之給付不在此限。
14.4. 在客戶要求下,如ALFE可透過支付額外成本而取得其他供應來源,且ALFE選擇以該等來源履行其契約義務者,客戶應向ALFE支付該額外成本。

15. 安全及法定義務責任
15.1. 客戶應負責就其向提供之標的商品、ALFE設備或在客戶廠內執行之施工作業,取得必要核准,並遵守一切相關法定義務。對於因客戶未遵守前述義務所生之一切請求權主張,以及因該等請求權主張所生之一切成本及費用,客戶應補償ALFE。
15.2. 客戶應對其所持有之標的商品及ALFE設備所生之健康或安全風險負責。客戶應確保標的商品及ALFE設備之處理人員接受充分訓練,並確保該等人員瞭解一切防護措施。

16. 供應終止及ALFE財產之取回
16.1. 下列任何情況中,在無損於任一方當事人當時之已生權利下,ALFE得停止供應標的商品或標的服務,或自行決定以書面通知客戶立即終止契約:(1)客戶有破產行為,或客戶為公司且已指定清算人或進入清算程序(目的為重整或合併者除外)者;或(2)客戶違反契約或本一般條件之任何條款(包括未依約支付到期款項),情節重大且未在收到通知後三十日內改正者。
16.2. ALFE因第16.1條所定原因,停止向客戶供應標的商品者,ALFE得在向客戶提出要求後,取回ALFE設備,包括在ALFE鋼瓶或其他設備中之標的氣體。
16.3. 為使ALFE得以取回ALFE設備,客戶應讓ALFE能夠充分且自由接觸ALFE設備,對於因ALFE無法充分且自由接觸ALFE設備,而直接或間接發生之一切法律行動、訴訟、程序、請求權主張、要求及成本,客戶應承擔一切責任並補償ALFE。如有必要,ALFE有權將ALFE設備自其他財產分離,即使該設備已成為該等財產之固定附著物亦然。ALFE取回ALFE設備後,客戶應向ALFE償還自終止日至契約屆滿日止之未結清設施月費, 以及設備移除費用。

17. 轉讓

18. 一般條款
18.1. 如經客戶安排,向非屬契約當事人之任何人供應標的商品或標的服務,客戶應向該人取得願受本一般條件約束之同意書,並將該人視同契約當事人;對於因客戶未能取得該等同意書所致之後果,包括該人提出之任何請求權主張,客戶應補償ALFE。
18.2. 對於因客戶違約而使ALFE發生對第三方之一切責任,客戶應補償ALFE。
18.3. ALFE係為其本身並代表其所有受僱人、雇員、代理人,訂定本一般條件;契約之訂立,即確證客戶同意,如客戶因ALFE之受僱人、雇員、代理人之過失或違約,而蒙受任何性質之損失或損害者,ALFE依本一般條件所享之責任免除,應擴及於ALFE之受僱人、雇員、代理人。
18.4. ALFE未能要求客戶嚴格履行任何條款或本一般條件,不得視為ALFE對該等條款或條件或其相關權利之拋棄,更不得視為ALFE嗣後對相同條款及條件之權利拋棄。
18.5. 如ALFE之供應成本增加,ALFE得要求客戶就同意契約修訂事宜討論協商,以消除ALFE因成本增加而蒙受之不利情形。
18.6. 向ALFE所為之通知,應透過傳真發送,或以掛號郵件寄至契約或估價單上所載之ALFE地址。一切通知應於ALFE實際收到時,始得視為送達。
18.7. 因本一般條件及契約所生或相關之任何爭議,包括本一般條件及契約之效力及解釋,以及一切非契約爭議及請求權主張,無法由雙方當事人秉善意和解者,應交由司法訴訟作唯一且最終之解決,並以台北地方法院為第一審法院。
18.8. 本一般條件之標題僅為便於參考而設,不影響本一般條件之解釋。
18.9. 本一般條件及受本一般條件規範之一切契約,應以臺灣法律為準據法及解釋依據。


由於ALFE極其重視其客戶與客戶員工能確實遵守ALFE行為準則所訂之原則(網址:, 客戶在從事任何與本訂購單相關之行為時,應遵守這些原則。 客戶在履行和亞東間之合約義務時亦應遵守所有適用的法律及法規,特別是和反貪汙相關的法令,並且遵守亞東集團反貪汙行為準則中所訂立的規範 Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct. 客戶應確實並持續遵守並執行上述的規範以確保遵守反貪污反賄絡的相關法令。