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Oxygen is essential to many industries. For large industry customers - refiningsteel, chemicals, and others, massive volumes of industrial grade oxygen are used to improve a range of industrial processes. Bulk volumes of oxygen are used in many industries like Metal for combustion application and Environment for waste water treatment. Oxygen increases efficiency in a number of processes by reducing the amount of fuel used and decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. 

In laboratories, ALPHAGAZ™ 1 oxygen provides 99.999% purity and is used as a bleaching agent, a combustible for flame detectors, an oxidizing agent and for silicon oxidation in semiconductor manufacturing. If your analytical and laboratory applications require ultra-high-purity oxygen, ALPHAGAZ™ 2 99.9995% pure oxygen is ideal.

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Air Liquide manufactures gas handling equipment to safely deliver pure specialty, industrial and medical grade oxygen, as well as oxygen gas mixtures, including gas pressure regulators and single-station manifolds.

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Air Liquide supplies oxygen in varying volumes to meet the needs of many industries.