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ALPHAGAZ™ Gas Mixture

Calibrating your success

Air Liquide’s ALPHAGAZTM specialty gas mixtures provide premium solutions for instrumentation and calibration.

ALPHAGAZTM standard product classes offer a range of blend tolerance and accuracy specifications to meet virtually any application requirement – with custom specifications available on demand.

Each standard, on-catalog mixture class features unique specifications and subsequent performance characteristics that make it easy to select the gas mixture that’s appropriate for your particular application. Plus, our fully customized products offer the ultimate in flexibility.

Choose among high-purity instrumentation and calibration gas mixtures, combining 2 to 20 components, with accuracy ranging from % to ppm. All products are blended to provide guaranteed levels of traceability to recognized metrology standards, blend tolerance process accuracy and analytical accuracy.

  • Standard on-catalog mixtures or on-demand custom specifications
  • Proprietary technologies ensure mixture stability and blend repeatability
  • Gases delivered with Certificates of Accuracy or Conformance

Related supply modes

ALPHAGAZ™ gas mixtures are offered in cylinders and dewars.