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Oxygenation of wastewater

Using oxygen to increase the dissolved oxygen content of wastewater results in better system health and operability. If the current system is unable to handle increased loading or more stringent discharge requirements, oxygen can be a low-cost solution in lieu of a major capital investment. Dissolved oxygen can be impacted by our wastewater treatment solutions. The removal of excess gases from air injection can be an easy way to decrease VOC emissions. Our oxygen injection systems can also reduce the amount of BOD and COD in water treatment plants and meet even the strictest water permit limits and lower the energy consumption as well. Air Liquide can help you to collect and send ozone off gas to aeration basin to replace air for bacteria respiration thus can greatly reduce your cost both in CAPEX and OPEX and improve your performance of aerobic process meanwhile.


All in one solutions


We offer equipment to meet specific oxygen consumption requirements, including OXY-INJECTOR TURBOXAL, OXY-INJECTOR VENTOXAL, PoroxAL hose, as well as spargers and other devices (bicone).


Air Liquide’s water treatment specialists will evaluate your specific site and design a solution that uniquely meets your needs.

Why choose us?

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    All in one solution

    Innovative and efficient solutions help customer with system design, equipment, gas supply and professional expertise all in together.

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    Unique production technologies and ISO-accredited facilities ensure product reliability.

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    Industry experts

    With proven industry knowledge, we can advise on enhancing performance and efficiency in gas use for treatment of water and air emission.

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    R&D support network

    We rely on our global network of application experts, engineering and research and development teams to provide the optimum solution for a given need.

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    Compliance experts

    Import Scott™ brand EPA protocol gas mixtures from Air Liquide to provide the highest levels of performance, reliability and confidence for meeting EPA environmental compliance regulations.