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Select a step where Air Liquide intervenes in your value chain

Oxygen enrichment for debottlenecking

Oxygen enrichment in air-fed chemical reactors is desgined to minimize mixing distance and prevent high oxygen concentrations near air inlet pipe walls.



The Oxynator, Air Liquide’s gas-gas mixing device using cross-flow radial injection, works to minimize mixing distance and prevent high oxygen concentrations near pipe walls. 


We offer a range of on-site services including process analysis and optimization, installation and start-up support, and inspection and maintenance.

Why choose us?

  • 01

    World leader

    Leading global producer and supplier of industrial and specialty gases, production technologies, and storage solutions.

  • 02

    Innovative technologies

    Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions supplies industry-leading industrial gas production and purification technologies and services tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

  • 03

    Extensive pipeline systems

    Air Liquide owns and operates extensive pipeline networks that supply large quantities of mainly oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and syngas, as well as steam.

  • 04

    Safety and environment

    Experts in industrial safety and environmental compliance.

  • 05

    Efficiency and quality

    Highly proficient in targeting efficiency and quality improvements.

  • 06

    Partnership with industry leaders

    Air Liquide has long-term partnership references for industrial gases outsourcing with industry leaders.