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Innovative solutions for dedicated gas supply from its technical expertise in the field of industrial gases

FLOXAL™ is an overall gas supply station installed at customer’s site by Air Liquide.

Through cryogenic technology or other various gas separation or production technologies, FLOXAL™ supplies industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen with different purities and pressures. FLOXAL™ service package includes consulting and design, gas supply and value-added service, to meet the needs of numerous industries.

Why choose us

  • Consulting and design service

By comparing and consulting the relevant industrial gas application and analyzing your gas consumption profile, Air Liquide designs the on-site gas station to provide a tailored solution for you.

  • Gas supply service

Air Liquide has a professional team to provide service, including installation, daily management and operation the gas supply system.

  • Value-added service

Air Liquide will monitor periodically the change of gas consumption; keep upgrading the most optimized solution and respond to your unique demand (such as air-network, heat or cold energy recollection, etc.).

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FLOXALTM product list

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