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Savings, safety, simplicity

ALTOP™ is an innovation solution in gas cylinder safety, developed by Air Liquide and designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. ALTOP™ combines a gas regulator, cylinder valve and valve guard in a convenient user-friendly package. ALTOP™ is available with ARCAL™ brand gases.

From the protective cap to the unique and patented On/Off lever, the ALTOPTM valve is designed to be safe and easy to use, whilst saving both time and cost.

Save time

Ready to use due to the built-in regulator and on/off lever (quick connect available for Ar/Ar mix).

Save cost

No need to buy and maintain a separate regulator (regular checks by Air Liquide).

Save gas

No gas loss thanks to the on/off lever (content check with a glance at the permanent pressure gauge).

Work safely

Emergency cut-off – Protected valve – No more exposure to high pressure gas flow.

ALTOPTM - All you need at hand

  • Built-in regulator

- Simply connect the hose and get to work

- No need to buy a separate regulator

- No more exposure to high pressure gas flow

  • On/off lever

- Immediate gas cut-off

- On/off status at a glance

- Quick connect for Ar/Ar mix

  • Shock-absorbing cap

- Easy handling with pommel

- Permanent, reliable protection for the valve and regulator

  • Permanent content gauge

- Content monitoring at a glance

- Get a reading even when flow is stopped


  • Connect the hose

  • Check that the control hand wheel is at minimum

  • Open the on/off lever

  • Adjust the outlet pressure or flow rate