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Nexelia for Oxygen Management

A complete range of solutions to achieve the lowest dissolved oxygen levels for your products to enhance product quality and optimize productivity

The industry challenge

Today’s consumers have a growing thirst for healthier and more natural beverages. To meet their increasing demands, beverage companies must continuously develop new and innovative products without driving up their production costs. These developments require enhancing the product’s quality by improving its organoleptic and nutritional properties and, subsequently, the shelf life as well as improving the cost efficiency of the production process with a particular focus on optimizing the packaging and formulation or recipe costs.

Whatever your needs, Nexelia for Oxygen Management offers you a complete range of solutions to achieve the lowest dissolved oxygen levels for your products in order to enhance product quality and optimize productivity.

The Nexelia solution

A comprehensive set of gas solutions designed for and adapted to your specific needs, Nexelia for Oxygen Management combines the best of our gases, application technologies and process expertise. As with all of our solutions under the Nexelia brand name, we work closely with you to pre-define a concrete set of results, and then commit to delivering them.

With a comprehensive approach to oxygen management, Nexelia for Oxygen Management was specifically developed for processors that manufacture oxygen-sensitive beverages in order to protect them against oxidation through every stage of the process.

Our commitment

Improved product quality

Throughout all stages of the production process, our complete and all-natural solutions will successfully reduce the dissolved levels of oxygen in your still beverage products in order to prevent oxidation damage and to preserve its original vitamin and nutrient content.

Cost optimization

By achieving very low dissolved oxygen levels, our solutions can generate key savings, particularly for packaging costs (up to 25%), formulation costs (up to 30%) and operating costs (energy savings up to 15% as compared to vacuum).

Reduced CAPEX

Our application technology solutions require a minimal investment especially when compared to vacuum technology. The Return on Investment (ROI) is usually less than one year.

Our offer

Nexelia for Oxygen Management consists of:

Food-grade gas supply: ALIGALTM is an Air Liquide brand name for those gases that are compliant with local food-grade gas specifications, regulations, and industry standards, including HACCP certification for production, storage and distribution.

Process expertise & service: Air Liquide will provide you with the full support of our beverage application and technical experts from the design of the solution right down to its implementation and start-up.

Application equipment: Air Liquide offers many customized solutions for your process which includes equipment such as in-line deoxygenation devices, tank inerting systems and blanketing devices for the bottling stage in order to protect your beverage products from oxidation.

- In-line devices for deoxygenation:

- Tank inerting systems for storage tanks:

- Blanketing devices at the bottling stage to protect the headspace of the container:

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