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Nexelia for Freezing and Chilling

Designed for those processors that need to achieve a competitive freezing or chilling cost for their food products

Your market

With globalization and changing consumer habits, many food processors continue to be focused on innovation and on keeping their costs under tight control in order to minimize the impact of higher prices, for raw materials, fuel and consumables, on their profit margins. Processes involving cryogenic refrigeration continue to play a vital role in food manufacturing since cryogenics can deliver outstanding results for addressing many food safety and spoilage concerns for various types of food products. Cryogenics is also well-known for improving product quality, productivity throughputs and process flexibility while delivering a competitive freezing or chilling cost.

Properly managing and optimizing your cryogenic process can be a challenging task, however the Nexelia for Freezing & Chilling offer can provide you with a simple solution for cost control and a new level of operational performance.

The Nexelia solution

Nexelia for Freezing & Chilling is an all-in-one gas solution that combines the best of Air Liquide’s ALIGAL gases, application equipment and technical support service along with a customized Performance Service program for the optimization of your cryogenic process.  This offer has been designed for those processors that need to achieve a competitive freezing or chilling cost for their food products. With Nexelia, we define the results together and then commit to delivering on our performance.

Your advantages

Improved management of your freezing & chilling costs

Air Liquide will ensure the regular management of your freezing and chilling costs through the new Performance Service program. We will provide you with a benchmark gas consumption value and then assist you with the on-going monitoring and optimization of your gas consumption.

Regular feedback & support service

Start-up assistance and customized operational training with productivity, process improvement, safety and cleaning guidelines will be provided by our technical experts.  Regular feedback will be provided to your plant operators and maintenance personnel based on the results of our Process and Gas Installation & Application auditing programs. Furthermore, Air Liquide will also commit to a yearly review in order to discuss your progress in the Performance Service program and to ensure that your cryogen consumption goals are being met.

Continuous improvement initiatives

Our enhanced auditing programs will provide real-time feedback to your plant operators and maintenance personnel in order to recommend opportunities for process optimization, cost reduction, and continuous improvement specifically with your cryogenic system in mind.

Our offer

Nexelia for Freezing & Chilling consists of:

  • ALIGAL 1 (Liquid Nitrogen) or ALIGAL 2 (Liquid Carbon Dioxide) supply

ALIGAL is an Air Liquide brand name for those gases that are compliant with local food grade specifications, regulations, and industry standards, including HACCP certification for production, storage and distribution. 

  • Process expertise & service

Air Liquide will provide you with the full support of our food application and technical experts from the design to the installation and start-up of the solution to the on-going optimization of your process through in particular the Performance Service program.

  • State-of-the-art application equipment

Air Liquide offers a wide variety of cryogenic application equipment to meet your freezing and chilling needs:

- The CRYO CABINET for any batch process that needs the versatility to efficiently chill, freeze or crust-freeze nearly any type of food product.

- The CRYO TUNNEL range for any in-line process that needs the versatility to chill, freeze or crust-freeze/harden different types of food products while ensuring exceptional product quality.

- The CRYO IMMERSION UNIT range for any IQF process that needs the versatility to Individually Quick Freeze or crust-freeze small, diced, sticky, liquid or semi-liquid food products.

Our range of application equipment is ideal for those processors that need increased productivity, excellent cryogen efficiency, improved sanitary design, ease of operation & maintenance with a minimal capital investment and installation cost.

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